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About Me

My name is Amber Lehrman and I have been happily married since 1999.  Jeremy and I have 2 children - Jacob and Catherine - and we have lived in Lawrence, Kansas since 2003.

I have been teaching natural childbirth classes since 2006.  I teach because I want more women to know that birth can be fun, joyful and transformational.  Through what my husband and I learned in our childbirth classes, we were able to give birth to both of our children natrurally and with joy.   I would not have thought that was possible before doing it myself and I now want to share that knowledge with others.  You too can have the kind of birth that makes you want to shout from the rooftops "I did it!".   If you want to read more about my birth stories, please visit my Birth Stories page.  These are my kids, Jacob and Catherine.  You can see pictures of them when they were just born on the Babies page.  They are what started it all.

I have a BSIE and MSIE (bachelors and masters in Industrial Engineering).  I have been trained as an adult educator both through my regular job and as part of my training as a childbirth instructor.  I have trained over 300 adults in a variety of topics.

My husband and I are also regionally recognized food gardners.  We have been featured on both the Lawrence Food Garden Tour and the Kaw Valley Permaculture Tour.  We raised 1500 lbs of organic food on our 1/4 acre city lot last year (after raising 1200 lbs each of the previous 2 years).  I am involved with the local sustainability movement through Transition Kaw Valley and the Sustainability Action Network.  Through them, I teach workshops in gardening and food preservation.

Our front yard food garden...