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Out in the garden again...

Posted by Amber Lehrman on March 7, 2011 at 12:04 AM

Today was the first day we really spent quality time outside in the garden since the weather started warming up.  We managed to get some rye sown where the chickens will be (future grazing for them), clean out the winter bedding from the rabbits and move them into their summer hutch, and do some cleanup in the backyard.  This week we'll be getting things ready to re-layer all the garden beds next weekend.  That means disassembling the bean trellis, moving the cattle panels and T-posts, taking down the fences on the frontages and a host of other small tasks.  It also means that once the beds are layered, spring planting will officially begin!!  Woot!!


The chicks are doing well.  They are amazingly messy!  We're changing their water 4 or 5 times a day because they keep kicking bedding into it.  They also eat and scatter a rediculous amount of food.  They're still really cute though.  We are closing in on a final coop design for them.  We were looking at and got some good ideas from their coop plans. 


I'm really excited about my Brio classes this week too!  We'll be covering second and third stage labor on Tuesday and writing a birth plan and postpartum care on Thursday.  I'm using some new Brio games that I think will keep it interesting and fun.  I can't wait to use the new student workbooks in class - I'm still completely in awe of what the group has created.  I'm so priveledged to be affiliated with this amazing group of people.


Now its off to bed so that I can go to work early, come home early and Jeremy can go help my brother frame in a basement!  Doesn't sound like this will be the week where I catch up on my sleep...

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Reply Jessica
9:49 AM on March 15, 2011 
Our chicks are the same way. They constantly kick the bedding into the water and poop too. Nasty. LOL But they are adorable and I think we have gotten used to the constant cheep cheep cheep going on. I will be glad when we can move them outside though.
Reply Amber Lehrman
10:20 AM on March 15, 2011 
Totally agree! We're hoping to get the coop built this week so that they can move outside. We'll still have to put a heat lamp in with them to keep them warm at night, but they should be ok. we'll have to compare notes at the reunion this summer!