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Hepatitis B Vacine for newborns

Short summary of Heb B - This brief article summarizes the reasons that Hep B is given to newborns along with the rates of infection in the general population and health effects should one contract Hep B.

Baby Links

On this page you will find a variety of information about breastfeeding, infant care and common procedures done on newborns.  If you know of something that should be included, please email me at!

Breastfeeding resources and information

La Leche League International - La Leche League has been helping mothers breastfeed for 50 years.  They are the source for breastfeeding information and their book "The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding" is an amazing treasure trove of information.

Vitamin K Shot

Vitamin K at Birth: To Inject or Not - (from Post by  Dr. Ben Kim (doctor of chiropractic and natural health advocate)  introduces an article by Dr. Linda Palmer (also a doctor of chiropractic and natural health advocate) outlining the pros and cons of Vitamin K shots at birth. Reprinted from the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association Newsletter, September/October 2002 Issue, the article was updated May 19, 2004.  Updated article also available on Linda Palmer’s website.

Administration of Vitamin K to Newborns - (resource created by Ronnie Falcao, LM MS, a homebirth midwife in Mountain View, CA,  An extensive survey of the research into the Vitamin K dilemma for newborns.  Also discusses alternatives to Vitamin K injections such as taking vitamin K orally for both baby and mother.

Attachment Parenting

Getting a Good Night’s Sleep: Another Perspective (2005) is for new parents in our culture, getting a good night’s sleep is usually linked with persuading our babies to ‘sleep through’ the night. This article questions that assumption, and provides support and suggestions for gentle approaches to family sleep. More information about the science and wisdom of sleeping with your baby is available in Gentle Birth, Gentle Mothering.


Newborn Tests/Procedures

Information coming soon on.... 

Eye ointment

PKU test


Care of the umbilical cord