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What is Brio Birth?

Brio Birth is a new organization that certifies educators in prepared, natural childbirth.  There is an emphasis on being an informed consumer, staying healthy and low-risk, the role of the birth partner, and preparing for a joyful childbirth experience.  For more information on Brio Birth, see the website

What does the word "Brio" mean?

brio n. \bre-o\: fertile; energy; productive; strong; liveliness or vigor; spirit; life

How up to date is the material in your classes?

Brio Birth childbirth classes offer the perfect mix of the wistom of the pioneers and leaders of the natural childbirth movement and a comprehensive curriculum that includes cutting edge research to empower you to give birth with confidence.  The Brio Birth curriculum has been designed by a teacm of top childbirth educators and birth professionals and is constantly updated to reflect the most current information available.

Do I need to be married to come to class?

No.  The course is designed to help prepare you and the labor support person you have chosen, regardless of their relationship to you.  My experiences has shown that your partner makes the best support person for you, however it is not required to attend class.  If you don't have a partner, then choose a person that you trust and are comfortable with. 

How big are your classes?

My classes are limited to 8 couples or less.  This allows me to spend time with each couple while also allowing for a great variety in discussions and personal experiences.

What if I already know I want to use pain medication in labor?

My classes are focused on natural childbirth.  This does not mean that you won't benefit from the classes if you do decide to use medication in labor.  The exercises and nutrition information will go a long way towards ensuring an easier labor, a healthier mom, a healthier baby and an easier recovery.  Plus, you will benefit from the communication exercises, labor rehearsals and birth videos.  There may be a difficult point in your labor when you have not yet received pain medication.  At this time, the relaxation techniques and comfort measures you have learned will be most beneficial.  The emphasis is on a joyful, informed birth experiences and providing you with many techniques to avoid pain and unnecessary interventions.  I am here to support you making decisions for your own care.

How much does the class cost?

The course fee is $300 which includes over 24 hours of instruction, the student workbook, use of my extensive lending library and unlimited phone and email support.  For additional details, see my Class Schedule and Fees page.

What if I can't afford the class fee?

I offer several types of payment plans for my students.  I would also consider barter.  You can see more details on my Class schedule and Fees page. 

Does it matter where I plan to give birth or who my care provider is?

No.  My classes support birth in any location, with any type of care provider.  My emphasis is on preparing you to make informed choices that you are comfortable with.  We will discuss hospital, birth center and home birth options during class.  We will also discuss how to work with your care provider to achieve the birth you want.

Will you be available to come to our birth?

I do offer doula services as a separate service from my childbirth classes and for an additional fee.  Depending on my availability, I may or may not be able to be your doula.  Please contact me if you are interested in my doula services.  You can also find other doulas in the Lawrence area on my Local Resources page.

Brio is a new organization.  Does that mean that its members are inexperienced?

No.  The vast majority of Brio Birth educators have years of experience in childbirth education.  Many were previously certified by other childbirth organizations.  Brio educators who are new to childbirth education receive intensive, hands-on training and mentoring to ensure that every student receives the highest quality childbirth education.  All teachers must meet rigorous continuing education requirements to retain their certification with Brio Birth.

Why are the classes 12 weeks long?

Many other childbirth methods offer a shorter series than 12 weeks.  I feel that 12 weeks (or 3 months) is the perfect amount of time to absorb all the material taught.  It also gives you time to practice the relaxation techniques which will be so vital in your labor.  The exercises and nutrition information are best put to use as early in pregnancy as possible.  Each class is full of information and practical tools for your birth.  This is truly the most comprehensive childbirth preparation available!

I want to join your class, but the class has already started.  What do I do?

I allow new students to join up to the third class of a 12 week series.  You will have to arrange a time with me to make up the material you have missed.  If my current series is past class 3, we can see what other options are available.