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Pregnancy Resources

Here you will find helpful resources about how to remain healthy during pregnancy as well as information about common tests done during pregnancy.  If you have a resource that you think should be included, please email me at

Eating well and Exercising

Dr. Brewer Pregnancy Diet - This site gives a comprehensive view of pregnancy nutrition and the key elements of a healthy pregnancy diet.  It also has many links to other topics relating to pregnancy and birth.  The sites authore, Joy Jones, is an advisor to Brio Birth on nutrition and has a wealth of experience with pregnancy and birth.

Brewer Diet Checklist and Serving Sizes - This document contains the checklist for daily diet during pregnancy and a list of serving sizes for each food group

You don't know squat - this article details the benefits of squatting for toning the pelvic floor and keeping the lower body joints flexible.  Excellent illustrations and instructions!

Working into a squat - this article goes through a series of exercises you can do if you can't do a full squat comfortably.  It has awesome pictures and explanations!

Stripping the Membranes (labor induction)

Stripping Membranes - provides a basic overview of how and why it is done, pros and cons of the procedure, risks involved, and the effectiveness of the procedure.  (Posted in Medscape Today: 06/09/2009; published in the Journal of Midwifery and Womens Health. 2009;54(3):259-260. © 2009 Elsevier Science, Inc.)

Induction of Labor (PDF) - is a two page overview of common methods of inducing labor, followed by things to consider when making a decision about whether to induce.  (From the American College of Nurse Midwives, Volume 53, No. 4, July/August 2008).  

Vaginal Exams (VE) during Pregnancy

Are Vaginal Exams in Pregnancy Necessary? - (from  Outlines advantages and disadvantages of vaginal exams (VE) during pregnancy; also discusses the concerns women might have when deciding whether to accept or decline VEs.  See bibliography; cites Hanson S.

To VE or not to VE? That is the question - Association of Radical Midwives. Summer 2003; 97.  This article describes one midwife’s practical experience with VEs.

Prenatal Tests

Trimester by Trimester -  the Guide to Prenatal Testing (from My Midwife,  This guide outlines the advantages and drawbacks of routine tests that you may encounter during pregnancy.  For each test there is a descriptions of “what it measures” and “what is tells you.” 

Strep B Screening in Pregnancy

CDC Issues review and guidelines for Group B Strep testing and treatment - This article looks and research on this topic and results from treating with antibiotics during labor.  It also highlights areas that require further research.

Gestational Diabetes

The Emperor Has No Clothes - This article by renowned birth research authority Henci Goer summarizes the research around gestational diabetes, tests used to detect it and the researched risks to mother and child of the diagnosis.  It is very well referenced.

Overdue or Post Dates Pregnancies

Coming soon...

US Birth Statistics

Maternal mortality by state for U.S. - Kansas rates the 9th best (as in only 8 other states are better) in Maternal mortality.

Infant mortality by country - 46 other countries have lower infant mortality rates than we do including all of western Europe, Cuba and South Korea.

Infant mortality by state - Kansas ranks 18th highest which means that only 17 other states have a higher infant mortality rate.

Maternal mortality by county - the US has the 18th lowest maternal mortality in the world.  Countries faring better than we do include the United Arab Emerites, Kuwait and Singapore.

C/S Rate 2009 -- national average (32.9%, 1/3 of all births, end in C/S)

Turning Breech Babies Suggestions - This site compiles a long list of ways to turn a breech baby.  All have anecdotal success, some have researched success (moxibustion, webster technique).

Spinning Babies - This website has a treasure trove of information on turning breeches.


Ultrasound Scans:  Cause for concern (2005) poses questions about the safety of ultrasound, based on decades of published scientific literature. A completely revised and updated version of this article is available in her book Gentle Birth, Gentle Mothering available in my lending library.

Effect of Pre-natal Ultrasound on delayed speech - This journal article studied children with delayed speech and found they were twice as likely as their peers to have been exposed to ultrasound in utero.